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At the Cripe Upper Cervical Center we strive to get the best corrections possible. It is our goal to get your head “back on straight,” and teach you how to maintain your correction for as long as possible. For you this means a nervous system that is free of interference, and a body with the potential to heal most ailments. And best of all, you don’t have to keep coming in! We want you well, we want you holding your adjustments, and most of all we want you to live a balanced and pain free life.



Condition: Low Back Pain & Sciatica

“I walked into the office wearing a back brace, having trouble walking (I would drag my leg much like Frankenstein), and in overall excruciating pain. My first visit in 1979 cleared up all of my problems only after I had my atlas adjusted, and I never had to have back surgery! Immediately after, I felt better than I have felt in years! The next morning I went to the Newport pier with my wife and took a half-mile walk. I then came home and washed the car… something I haven’t been able to do for months.

Over the years I have referred many patients to Dr. Cripe. Patients who were scheduled for back surgery like I was. Recently, I convinced one of my friends to see Dr. Cripe two weeks before having surgery. That surgery never took place and he is back living an active life! I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the relief you have given me.” (Content has been combined from a letter written in 1979 as well as a current letter written in 2009)

-Steffen L. Goltra

Neck Pain_Homepage_Cara Hill

Condition: Neck Pain & Sinus Pain

“For the past few months I have had neck and sinus pain. I’ve come to Dr. Glenn Cripe since I was younger, and he has always been sensitive to my various pains while working his hardest to solve the problem and keep me pain free. After looking over previous x-rays, and researching my areas of pain, he adjusted me to where I feel well again. He listens to me and has always been there to put my neck straight. Thank you Glenn for not only gently helping to relieve my pain, but for also being so kind and caring.”

-Cara Hill


Condition: Headaches & Balance

“I feel better than ever! I can run faster, and excel in soccer with no headaches. I would like to grow up to be an upper cervical doctor!