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Dr. Brian C. Cripe

Dr. Brian is graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic college of Los Angeles. During his time at Cleveland, he began the campus chapter of the NUCCA club and would later become integral in getting NUCCA implemented into the curriculum. He also served as the FCER (Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research) representative as well as SACA advisor.

During his internship in the clinic, he was chosen to treat patients at the USC medical center where he was a treating intern in an ongoing study on hip osteoarthritis. Dr. Brian would continue on to receive the Carl Cleveland Clinic Excellence award for his extraordinary patient care while at the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Brian was first exposed to NUCCA when he was injured in a high school football game which resulted in extreme torticollis, intense neck pain, and ultimately left both of his arms partially paralyzed. After receiving his first adjustment from his uncle (Dr. Glenn Cripe), he immediately began regaining sensation in his extremities. After a few days, he experienced a full recovery and returned to a fully active lifestyle thanks to the NUCCA work. Years later, he would honor his desire to administer the same excellent care to others. Currently Dr. Brian is part 2 certified in the NUCCA organization and is actively and passionately pursuing his part 3 (and final) certification accolade which has only been achieved by less than 25 doctors in the world.

Dr. Brian's other passions include; surfing, snowboarding, woodworking, and is a passionate musician who loves song writing and music production.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Thank you for your excellent care of Bill and myself. With Bill in a permanent wheel chair, you have kept him comfortable and without pain. He is now 83!!! I am another one of your success stories. At 32 (now 81) I was in constant pain. The only time it wasn’t severe was when I was sitting, and being a mother of 4 that was a difficult situation. I put off seeing you as I thought you were a “quack!"
    Marcia & Bill B.
  • "I am pain free and have regained full strength and sensation back into my arm. I continue to see Dr. Cripe because I am a very active person who needs to remain pain free. Thanks to Dr. Cripe, I am now the person I was before the injury took place. Thanks Doc!"
    Aaron K.
  • "What an extraordinary experience it is coming to the Cripe Upper Cervical Center. Dr. Brian and his caring staff are the most professional and informative staff that I have seen in years. I’ve been battling neck issues for a year and a half seeing countless doctors and chiropractors. I received instant relief after my first adjustment and continue to improve daily. You truly are a Godsend."
    Nick F.
  • "What a privilege for myself and my son to be patient of the week at the Cripe Upper Cervical Center. We are very happy to have known Glenn Cripe for 12 years now. Before I found Glenn Cripe no one could fix my neck, which is very prone to coming out of alignment. We’ve been coming here for years now and couldn’t be more pleased!"
    William & Allistar H.
  • "I feel better than ever! I can run faster, and excel in soccer with no headaches. I would like to grow up to be an upper cervical doctor!"
    Keegan M.