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The NUCCA technique utilizes a series of diagnostic exams to confirm if a misalignment is present. Among these, the taking of pre (before) and post (after) x-rays are of the greatest importance. On your first visit to our office a set of 3 films will be taken and later analyzed. After your adjustment, these films will be repeated, and analyzed in the same fashion mentioned before. These x-rays will then be compared and will give our doctors visual and scientific evidence that the correction was made. All NUCCA doctors must undergo rigorous training in x-ray positioning and analysis to meet the high standards for acceptable x-rays. Each film is scrutinized over and over in order to ensure consistency and accuracy.

X-ray radiation Facts:

State law allows an individual a maximum of 5,000 mRem (5 Rem) of exposure per year.

  • CAT scan of the head = 200 mRem
  • NUCCA film series = 7-10 mRem

You would have to take around 67 NUCCA x-rays to equal one CAT scan of the head!