Lower Back Pain/Sciatica

Steffen L. Goltra

Condition: Low Back Pain and Sciatica

How were you feeling when you first came in?

-I came in with bulging discs, low back pain, and sciatica down both legs. I saw many other health professionals who provided temporary relief that was soon replaced with greater discomfort. After many expensive attempts at relief, I was finally referred to an orthopedic surgeon for surgery. The pain had gotten so bad that it began to interfere with my work, and I found myself on disability.

How are you feeling today?

-My first visit in 1979 cleared up all of my problems only after I had my atlas adjusted, and I never had to have back surgery!

Judy Ahearn

Condition: Low Back Pain

How long have you been a patient at the Cripe Upper Cervical Center?

– 10 years

How were you feeling when you first came in?

– Intense low back pain

How are you feeling today?

– Pain was resolved with adjustments and massage therapy which initially took about a year. Unfortunately, my lower back pain had become so severe that I literally was unable to walk short distances. Having suffered with this condition on and off for many years and having tried both medical and chiropractic programs I was unable to get relief until Dr. Cripe took me under his care. Now, my back has stabilized allowing me to walk any distance without pain which is maintained by an occasional adjustment to maintain my wellness.

Dr. Julia Ciano

Condition: Severe Low Back Pain (lumbar disc bulge L3, L4) Neck Pain

What steps have you previously taken to get help?

– Previous chiropractic care, physical therapy, and over the counter pain relievers.

Have you improved?

– The first time I saw Dr. Cripe I could barely walk. I just had an MRI which revealed a bulging disc at L3-L4. Eight years ago I flew here from Sacramento and returned two weeks later. I’am very active and I feel great!

Any other information you would like to share?

– I continue to see Dr. Cripe for maintenance care because I never want to end up back where I was. With the NUCCA care I receive from Dr. Cripe I remain pain free.Natural healing takes time so give NUCCA a chance to help you. I still fly here for care. It works!

Barbara Bridges

Condition: Low Back Pain

How long have you been a patient at the Cripe Upper Cervical Center?

– 7+ years

How were you feeling when you first came in?

– I have serious bone degeneration that was leading to intense low back pain.

How are you feeling today?

-Although it is an ongoing issue that I have learned to live with, before seeing Dr. Cripe I was unable to bend over and tie my shoes! It was so bad even Dr. Cripe was initially apprehensive. I can’t even compare how my back feels today to when I first started seeing Dr. Cripe. It’s amazing! With the type of issues I have, each adjustment (every 8 months or so) I feel great! Im so glad I have discovered NUCCA!

Tell us your story!

-I walked into the office wearing a back brace, having trouble walking (I would drag my leg much like Frankenstein), and in overall excruciating pain. My first visit in 1979 cleared up all of my problems only after I had my atlas adjusted, and I never had to have back surgery! Immediately after, I felt better than I have felt in years! The next morning I went to the Newport pier with my wife and took a half-mile walk. I then came home and washed the car… something I haven’t been able to do for months. Over the years I have referred many patients to Dr. Cripe. Patients who were scheduled for back surgery like I was. Recently, I convinced one of my friends to see Dr. Cripe two weeks before having surgery. That surgery never took place and he is back living an active life! I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the relief you have given me. (Content has been combined from a letter written in 1979 as well as a current letter written in 2009)

Patient Name Marcia & Bill Bents

Condition: Widespread Pain

“Thank you for your excellent care of Bill and myself. With Bill in a permanent wheel chair, you have kept him comfortable and without pain. He is now 83!!! I am another one of your success stories. At 32 (now 81) I was in constant pain. The only time it wasn’t severe was when I was sitting, and being a mother of 4 that was a difficult situation. I put off seeing you as I thought you were a “quack!

How long have you been a patient at the Cripe Upper Cervical Center?

-Since 1979 (30 years!)

Tell us your story!

-I walked into the office

Neck Pain

Patient Name Cara Hill

Condition: Neck & Sinus Pain

“For the past few months I have had neck and sinus pain. I’ve come to Dr. Glenn Cripe since I was younger, and he has always been sensitive to my various pains while working his hardest to solve the problem and keep me pain free. After looking over previous x-rays, and researching my areas of pain, he adjusted me to where I feel well again. He listens to me and has always been there to put my neck straight. Thank you Glenn for not only gently helping to relieve my pain, but for also being so kind and caring.”

Patient Name: Maude Anne Serio

Condition: Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Headaches

I have been coming to the Cripe Upper Cervical Center for the past 25 years after my son David told me to come. After careful adjustments, x-rays, and no pressure to come in, my symptoms resolved! Besides their knowledge, the doctors are always loving in a caring, genuine, and sincere way. The office staff is also great!”

Patient Name: Becky Rippel

Condition: Intense Neck Pain (8 out of 10)

“I have been to a regular chiropractor’s office before, and spent a lot of money with no results. When I heard about NUCCA, I wanted to give it a try. I did have to make some lifestyle changes (like cracking my own back), but my pain level was so intense that I was willing to try anything, and it was well worth it! My mood has lifted because my pain level is either very low or on most day’s non-existent! It is so much easier to work, sleep, just live life, and I am so grateful for this. Everyone at the office is helpful and friendly, and I can tell that Dr. Brian Cripe truly cares about my health and wellbeing. I greatly recommend you go in and see for yourself.

You will be so happy you did!”

Patient Name: Aaron Keser

Condition: Neck Pain with Numbness and Tingling into the left arm

How long have you been a patient at the Cripe Upper Cervical Center?

– 4 years

How were you feeling when you first came in?

– I had neck pain with numbness and tingling into the left arm.

How are you feeling today?

-I am pain free and have regained full strength and sensation back into my arm. I continue to see Dr. Cripe because I am a very active person who needs to remain pain free. Thanks to Dr. Cripe, I am now the person I was before the injury took place. Thanks Doc!

Patient Name: Nick Fenin

Condition: Neck Pain

What an extraordinary experience it is coming to the Cripe Upper Cervical Center. Dr. Brian and his caring staff are the most professional and informative staff that I have seen in years. I’ve been battling neck issues for a year and a half seeing countless doctors and chiropractors. I received instant relief after my first adjustment and continue to improve daily. You truly are a Godsend.

Thank you!

Patient Name: William Hurry & Allistar Hurry

Condition: Neck Pain

What a privilege for myself and my son to be patient of the week at the Cripe Upper Cervical Center. We are very happy to have known Glenn Cripe for 12 years now. Before I found Glenn Cripe no one could fix my neck, which is very prone to coming out of alignment. We’ve been coming here for years now and couldn’t be more pleased!


Patient Name: (Dr.) Keegan McGrath

Condition: Headaches & Balance

“I feel better than ever! I can run faster, and excel in soccer with no headaches. I would like to grow up to be an upper cervical doctor!”

(Keegan is 11 years old and very active)