On your first visit to our office you will meet with the doctor of your choice for an in depth one-on-one consultation. A complete history will be obtained, and specific exams will be performed based on your personal findings and needs. During this time, hip and leg checks will be performed to indicate if if an atlas misalignment is present. Upon completion of these exams, we will take 3 xray views which will be taken from the side (lateral), from above (vertex), and from the front (nasium). This will create a 3 dimensional picture of your atlas and it’s relationship to your head and neck.

These x-rays are integral in determining the specific adjustment that is tailored for you. There are over 2,000 potential misalignments and each one is particular to the individual. Your x-rays will be analyzed to the smallest degree to ensure absolute precision and confirm objective evidence of a misalignment. After your adjustment, a post (after) film will be taken in order to confirm the correction was made.

If you have any questions regarding your first visit, contact us today at (949) 631-5171.